We’re reinventing the whole Fat Bastard experience, and we’re having a blast doing this… new music, the odd ‘old’ song revisited… can’t wait to play them live!

Then there’s the brand new logo (kudos to Erwin)! We like it, and hope you do too… soon we’ll start thinking about merch stuff with our Skullz, might be we let you know how to pre order a hoodie!

And the new and improved website… The timing was a bit ‘forced’ as an update of the previous one crashed the whole deal… but, speedy as it was, we’re quit proud of the new site. Please let us know what you think, might be you give us a bang up idea that makes the site even better!

This site… It’s a bit of a declaration of intentions too! We want to boom in 2016. We want the world to know Fat Bastard. That’s why we added a section specific for bookers and event organisers. We hope they’ll find us a bit easier now! And we’re starting up conversations with booking agencies, to help us to the next stage (see what I did there? 😉). Soon more on that!

Oh, before I forget: mark the 26th of March on your calendar! Soon more info on this, but the lepricouns have told us Leave Scars is involved!

And on that bombshell (sorry Jeremy)…



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