Hi y’all…

Appologies for the long period of time that we haven’t posted here… It’s been hectic 🙂

First of all, we really had a blast at Frietrock, the first of december 2013! Kickass event, kickass crowd, kickass frituur, but most of all…

Our kickass youngest fan Logan!

Respect dude… respect and nappies 😀
Then, the day after, we had some bad news… Sven, lead guitarist, needed to say his goodbyes to Fat Bastard and the fans. Years and years of loud music finally victimized him, he now suffers from tinnitus (a constant beeping sound in your ears), which is very difficult to treat.

So to make sure it doesn’t get any worse, he had to put a hold on his music ‘career’. The other 4 Fat Bastards wish Sven all the beer and titties he can handle (which is about 1,5 really)!! Don’t be a stranger dude!!


Last saturday (18 january ’14) we had a great gig at Wintertreffen MC Heracles. Jan – interim lead guitar – did one hell of a job playing a (nearly) full set after only 2 rehearsals.. Bang up job dude!!

Great crowd, great organisation (Striep, you Rawk!), and special thanks to Marec Soundengineer for the awesome P.A. (quality not often seen!)

What’s up next?

The world of Rawk n’ Roll never stops, so of course we’re on the lookout for a kickass lead guitar player… He has to be better than Sven, so a difficult task awaits.

Meanwhile, we are working on Fatties (our rehearsal dump 🙂 ). We really need a new floor, and more space (cleaning is necessary!!). To get ready for the upcoming WORLD DOMINATION!!!!

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