We’re very proud to introduice our very first CD ‘Feel the Pain’

IMG_0374You want one? Come and see a gig!! Or send us an message (Contact us; see navigation pane / or Facebook) and we’ll let you know how we can send you one!

It’s a 10 song cd, so really worth your while getting one 😉

Crap, I suck at this commercial mumbo jumbo 🙂




Buy Online:

iTunes – Click here

Spotify – Click here

Amazon – Click here

Rhapsody – Click here

And many many more locations. We’re available on 250+ online music stores, so you’re bound to find us!!

You wanna listen first? Click here


Buy the CD – Update: concerning the shipping costs to mail a CD:
Belgium: 13€ (CD + shipping) Xtra Xtra, only for Belgium; the Fat Bastard Post Stamp!! (see below)
European countries (except Belgium…D’uh): 14,5€ (CD + shipping)
Outside the Euro zone: 15,5€ (CD + shipping)

you can place orders by sending us an email

THX for YOUR support!


Fat Bastard post stamps 🙂



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