April 20, 2013
Phercolica Rawk Night / 2013 / Hasselt
Venue: De Witte Non
Country: BEL

Review by Eva Van Attenhoven – Rawk Night

Fat bastard plays big at Rawk Night

The Antwerp Rawk n’ Roll band seduices the crowd

The Antwerp rawkband Fat Bastard appeared for the 2nd time on the stage of Rawk Night. Again they brought Rawk n’ Roll to Hasselt and played big in the small venue De Witte Non

The guitar player starts rocking and the crowd rushes forward to miss nothing of this gig. Singer Rotte Jorn steps in with the question “You can’t smoke in here?”. He wasn’t allowed to further roughen up his already smoke staind voice.

They start of with ‘Better of Dead’; with their Motörhead sound it is hard to believe that this band didn’t just fly in from the States, fact is that the guys are from Antwerp. Yes, Belgium’s got some decent musicians

The band radiates sex, the singer flirts with the crowd while the rythm guitarist creeps up behind him. The stage is too small for them, so they continue in the crowd. They get the effect they aim for, hairs flying around. The band mastered playing on and besides the stage, and they know it.

The singer vanishes and a long rocking instrumental part starts; even now the crowd is having a blast. When he reappears in a cloak, crown and askulled staff, they kickoff Orgasmatron and crown themselves Masters of Rawk.

Fat Bastard lives up to their name, with grand raw Rawk n’ Roll they gave Rawk Night a great vibe. The smallish venue doesn’t stop the band to make everyone sweat, headbang and rawk to their music.