August 31, 2018 September 2, 2018
Frietrock / 2018 / Oud-Turnhout
Venue: De Patrouillehond
Country: BEL

Review on by Erik Van Damme:

The impressive frontman grabs you by the troat from the first note, and literally heads out to meet the crowd. Fat Bastard combines pure building of an impassable wall of sound with humor and witticism. According to their facebook page, they bring ‘Hard driven Rawk’ n Roll Power ‘. This is indeed the leitmotiv in this performance. They shoot you up with adrenaline, it’s plainly impossible to stand still at this pure uncut Rawk n’ Roll from the heart, a combination of years of experience and so much spontaneity and fun. That’s what the band, led by a very charismatic frontman, lay at our feet when darkness falls over the festival grounds.

Review on Belgian Metal Shredder by Lea Tuik:

In Fat Bastard I clearly hear the influence of Motörhead and Metallica, but they absolutely are no bland carbon copy! The band presented a nice and exciting old-school rock n ‘roll sound that made for some spicy mosh pits right behind me! I myself could not hold back either and let my hair rip loose! Frontman Jorn led the whole event and with his raw charisma I felt that he could be jumping off the stage every moment to grab me, literally, by the throat! One thing is certain, Fat Bastard is – sorry for the silly pun – a mud-fat band!