September 1, 2017 September 3, 2017
Frietrock / 2017 / Oud-Turnhout
Venue: De Patrouillehond
Country: BEL

Vrijdag 1/9:
Leave ScarsBelgian Asociality, Monkey Punks, Poseydon, Beneath Contempt, Elusion, The Scalding

Zaterdag 2/9:
Fat Bastard, Bit By Barracuda, Black Gadget, No Apologies, Dead end Path, X-tinxion, Color Dead Bleed, Hydra, Knives to a Gunfight, Ithiliën, Warbeast Remains, Goreforce 5,  Ashturn, Ascendant

Zondag 3/9:
Breakfast at Midnight, Behind Bars, Double X, The Guardian, Objector, Blazing Row, Young Hearts, Falcon Super Runner, Barricade, Delicious Dave & the Cheeky Bastards, Temptations for the Weak, Cave on fire, In Clear Sight, Waves of Decay