September 29, 2018
Devils Rock for an Angel / 2018 / Zillebeke
Venue: Cultuurcentrum
Country: BEL


Devils Rock for an Angel 2018 – Zillebeke (BE)

Review on by Andy Maelstaf:

Second band of the day immediatly proved to be a bombshell: Fat Bastard gave us a big helping of old school rock ‘n roll in line with Motörhead. They just released a new CD and even threw a copy in the audience. Their regular bass player could not be present but they found a replacement, who did an excellent job. The combo of the band name and the somewhat heavy frontman threw sand in the eyes, ’cause we saw an energetic and agile band on stage that won the hearts of the crowd in no time. With the sentence “We are Fat Bastard and we play rock” we knew what to expect, as the iconic Lemmy used this too. When they performed the penultimate song ‘Ace of Spades’ in a sublime way, the class of this band was confirmed again. The formation came, saw and was victorious for the crowd!
Edit – as conclusion to the article: Again a more than successful edition of Devils Rock For An Angel, the fourth in the meantime, where for me the highlights were certainly Fat Bastard, Solitude Within and Black Hole. Congratulations to the organization, workers, bands and especially Ann and Didier to organize all this. I am already looking forward to a next edition that was recently announced for Saturday September 28, 2019.

Review on by Luc Geyssen:

There ain’t much time to regain some sense of direction, because some twenty minutes later (edit.: after Flexant) Fat Bastard storms the stage. This quintet immediatly gives a big surprise because, although I knew the band by name, I did not know what to expect. Their solid but catchy mix of hard rock ‘n’ roll, hard rock and heavy metal immediately made for a solid party with the not yet so numerous audience. With a recently released album in their back pocket, the band creates a fitting sound, with a rendition of Motörhead’s ‘Ace of Spades’ as icing on the cake and a subsitute bass player no less. This is a band I would love to hear again with a longer set!
Edit – as conclusion to the article: We can decide that also this edition of Devils Rock for an Angel was a hit edition. None of the bands were below par and Fat Bastard, Morgarten and closing act Ambush were my favourite acts that I would love to see again on stage soon.

Review on Hell Spawn by Thomas Gadeyne:

In no time the stage is ready for Fat Bastard (9/10). A solid change in style with the previous band (edit.: Flexant – death metal), but no matter! These nice guys from the Kempen (#taxandrianmetal) play rock ‘n’ roll in the genre of the greats like Motörhead, to whom halfway the set they pay tribute to in the form of a cover version of the evergreen ‘Ace of Spades’. The crowd loses it completely, start dancing, crowdsurfing and jumping. Especially when a copy of their brand new album is tossed into the crowd; talk about generosity! If a set flies by like this one, you know that this band knows what it’s doing!