First: To the guys n’ girls who came to support us @Dessel Swingt; very big thanks! You were awesome 🙂

We also thank the organisation for the opportunity to play at this most awesome venue!! Cis, you are one cool MF dude! And your army of stagehands is invincible!! 😀

Many thanks too to Striep, our agent/road manager/booking manager/roadie/… Hope Nicole is not angry with us because of the backstage stupidities 😉

I shouldn’t forget Lars and Bob, the most awesome support a band can have. You guys rock hard!!

Oh yeah; if any of you guys should pass in Torhout (31/08/2012 – Masters@Rock) for the Dog Eat Dog-gig, check out the bass player; he promised us to wear his new Fat Bastard shirt…

See y’all the 29th of September in Wommelgem!!


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