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Personal rider

We will need before and after the show:

  • 10 (female, of course) prostitutes (with doctor’s declaration that they have no diseases whatsoever):
    • 2 Ukrainian blonde chicks
    • 2 Swedisch chicks with serious titties
    • 2 from the Philippines
    • 2 Brazilian or Argentinian ladies (in any case with Brazilian wax job!)
    • 1 African mamma (+150kg plz.)
    • 1 Chinese midget for the bass guitar player
  • 2 kg coke and/or speed and/or liquid X
  • 25 bottles of Westvleteren Nr.12
  • Bathroom with gold plated faucets and shower head
  • 2 cute porks with Motörhead logo tattood on theit back. Porks are to declare they are all for BBQ!
  • A 92,5 inch flatscreen 3D TV, with a VHS player and all Rocky movies on tape (not DVD or Blueray mind you)
  • Lemmy Killmister as a vocal coach

No, seriously… We’re happy with about 5 x 1L bottles of non-sparkling water on stage, and if you should be really really happy with us, you are allowed to bring us 4 beers and a coke on stage 😉

A chill out zone is always appreciated if the venue allows it.

Please foresee a zone for our merchandise stand. We don’t need tables and stuff, just 2 square meters will do the trick!

And Lemmy as vocal coach! You see, we’re not at all difficult!

Thanks a bunch for having us at your party, we always appreciate your honest feedback after the gig!

Jorn // +32 472 64 85 31 //
Kurt // +32 475 965 125 //


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