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Old School Rawk n’ Roll
Winners of Alcatraz Bash 2022

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The Band

Jorn (vocals) – Kurt (drums) – Geller (bass) – Jan (guitar)

Let’s say that Carl Perkins hooked up with Peter Pan Speedrock, and after a few months their beautiful baby girl, Sue, is born. And a pretty, headstrong baby it is. We just don’t know which Peter Pan is the daddy, but as drummers always have the strongest seed…
Fast Forward a good 20 years, and our cute Sue goes to an awesome rock festival. As she wanders into the backstage area, Lemmy from Motörhead falls from stage with a Boner to Raise Hell…
Hypothetically speaking: what would THIS love child sound like?
Well… * toothpaste smile* – That’s Fat Bastard baby!


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Booking & Info

Contact us here, and/or by phone on
+32 472 64 85 31 (Jorn) / +32 475 965 125 (Kurt)

Live Reviews through the years (outtakes):

Review on Luminous Dash by RJ & Johan Vanparys – Alcatraz 2022 – Kortrijk (BE):
Fat Bastard interpreted the concert at Alcatraz as a tribute to ‘the hammerguy’. It became a celebration of his life and a loud call to everyone to talk to someone in case of mental difficulties instead of letting it pull you down. Apart from the emotions that shook through the audience at this grand gesture, the quartet also went on a musical romp with a big heart. The riffs and drums raged through the tent, fueled by showbeast par excellence Jorn Mazet. Halfway through, the band got even more power with the addition of a second guitarist: the experienced and well-known Mario Poncin. Also for Fat Bastard, the Swamp Stage was their biggest stage ever by miles. And they took maximum advantage of that to gain fans.

Review on by Andy Maelstaf – Devils Rock for an Angel 2018 – Zillebeke (BE):
Second band of the day immediatly proved to be a bombshell: Fat Bastard gave us a big helping of old school rock ‘n roll in line with Motörhead. The combo of the band name and the somewhat heavy frontman threw some sand in the eyes, ’cause we saw an energetic and agile band on stage that won the hearts of the crowd in no time. With the sentence “We are Fat
Bastard and we play rock” we knew what to expect, as the iconic Lemmy used this too. The formation came, saw and was victorious for the crowd!

Review on by Erik Van Damme – Frietrock 2018 – Oud-Turnhout (BE):
The imposing frontman grabs you by the troat from the first note, and literally heads out to meet the crowd. Fat Bastard combines pure building of an impassable wall of sound with humor and witticism. According to their facebook page, they bring ‘Hard driven Rawk’ n Roll Power ‘. This is indeed the leitmotiv in this performance. They shoot you up with adrenaline, it’s
plainly impossible to stand still at this pure uncut Rawk n’ Roll from the heart, a combination of years of experience and so much spontaneity and fun. That’s what the band, led by a very charismatic frontman, lay at our feet when darkness falls over the festival grounds.

Review on Hell Spawn by Thomas Gadeyne – Devils Rock for an Angel 2018 – Zillebeke (BE):
In no time the stage is ready for Fat Bastard. A solid change in style with the previous band, but no matter! These nice guys from the outskirts of the
Kempen (#taxandrianmetal) play rock ‘n’ roll in the genre of the greats like Motörhead, to whom halfway the set they pay tribute to in the form of a
cover version of the evergreen ‘Ace of Spades’. The crowd loses it completely, start dancing, crowdsurfing and jumping. Especially when a copy of their brand-new album is tossed into the crowd; talk about generosity! If a set flies by like this one, you know that this band knows what it’s doing!

Review on – Wacken Battle 2018 – Lens (BE):
Frietrock regular band, who also will make an appearance on Devil’s Rock for An Angel this year, opens this battle edition. Enthusiasm flows from stage, they came to party and seem not to care that they’re the opening act. With bass and drums as a true duo and real bass lines instead of the recent trend to use the bass as a low tuned rythm guitar, this is old school rock
(rawk as they describe it) at its best, with catchy tunes that linger in the head.

Review on – Distortion Fest 2011 – Herentals (BE):
In the small concert venue Fat Bastard from Antwerp got on stage. With their old school rock-‘n-roll they play a massive gig. Influences from metal moguls, like AD/DC, Metallica and Iron Maiden, sound in a renewing way in their music. They light up the room with energetic sparks and we wonder why not so many people know this band. The level of this concert is very high and is worth a spot on the main stage of the festival. According to some they played the best gig of the fest. An opinion that is easy to defend.

EP Junk Yard Fest

Official release 16/11/2018
Outtakes from reviews on Junk Yard Fest:


On Keys and Chords by Tom Koppens:
Comparisons with Peter Pan Speedrock and Motörhead are very much correct.
But a song like Hotrod Summer also makes you think of the older Volbeat repertoire. Blood, Sweat and Beer musically and textually reminds me of Nashville Pussy.
All of them are fine references! But most of all, it’s Fat Bastard, a band that perfectly knows how to make a greasy, gritty rock n’ roll song.
This is a band I’d like to see live.

On MusicZine by Erik Vandamme:
Fat Bastard releases a great record with Junk Yard Fest, with which they strengten my opinion about them. We don’t like comparsons, however: their approach reminds us of one band: Motörhead. Tight, energetic, full of firepower that breaks down the sound wall. Fat Bastard goes to town like an unhinged bulldozer, leaving not a shred intack of your brainpan. We’re not talkin’ about instrumental decoration; the musicians are raving through the room like a bunch of elephants through a porcelain shop. The roaring vocals make the earth foundations shake under our feet with the amp cranked up to 10. In spite of the pounding of the sledge hammers, the festive mood of this record remains intact, let this be clear! Conclusion: just as Motörhead was a band that simply brought rib sticking rock music, Fat Bastard releases a pure rock ‘n roll album that exactly the same. And we repeat again: Rock ‘n Roll cant be more pure than this!


In “Rock Tribune” (nov/dec 2018 edition) by Wim Vander Haegen:
Nearly 6 years after Fat Bastard released a ripping debut with Feel the Pain, we can finally enjoy new songs. The Antwerp based band describes it’s music as ‘hard driven rawk ‘n roll power’ and there’s not a lie to be found in that statement. Completely in the style of Motörhead and Peter Pan Speedrock, the 7 songs burst out of your speakers and that is exactly what we expect from a (hard)rock ‘n roll band. More even than with the above quoted influences, we hear a band that perfectly knows how sharp a song has to be played and brought vocally. The songs are packed with energy and shredding riffs, from time to time a primal punk scream is detected and they have a very strong ‘howl along’ quality, like in Blood, Sweat and Beer. The songs are melodious enough to keep ‘m interesting, as you can hear in – for example Hotrod Summer, that – together with Dead Man Walkin’ – are the 2 stonger songs of the album.

On RockXXL by Seppe Van Ael:
The cover art tells you, Junk Yard Fest is a big fat stripe of Rock ‘n Roll. Think of bands like Motörhead and Peter Pan Speedrock. Is it a good choice? Single Blood, Sweat and Beer seems to come out of a Motörhead album, Hotrod Summer gives you a healthy portion of rock ‘n roll to dance on and Where Me is Us is hardrock to the bone! Fans of raw, unpolished hardrock have another record to go wild to!

On MusicZine by Wim Guillemyn:
Is there still life after Lemmy? Sure; although Lemmy was the absolute god in his field of musical expertise, there are some bands that seem to be cut from the same chunck of wood. Antwerp originated band Fat Bastard has been part of that select group since about 11 years. With a band name like that you ought to be. That’s why the name but also the music sounds dirty and greasy. Musically they are a bit of a mélange between Peter Pan Speedrock and Motörhead. 7 songs long, they know how to keep the adrenaline high and to rock like beasts.
If they go as hard live as they do on the album, I’m sure they would spark and burst into flames!
I’m sure we could write a whole story around this one, but this time I will keep it short and to the point, as is in the spirit of the band: it works well, it sounds credible and I want to see this band on stage. Hopfully you want that too…

On Belgian Metal ShredderJunk Yard Fest is the second EP from the Belgian hard rock act Fat Bastard and is an independent release. It consists of seven tracks for a good 22-minute playtime with the band taking musical inspiration from the likes of Motörhead, AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses. A radio-friendly, guitar-heavy and upbeat sound. Some songs like Dead Mean Charlene, have catchy lyrics while others like Blood, Sweat And Beer are more frantic and very suitable for headbanging. Everything on the Junk Yard Fest EP, from the visuals to the lyrics breathes American biker culture. The beer chugging, cigarette smoking bikini chick and hot rod on the sepia colored cover, the lyrics about bourbon drinking, hot girls and riding out on the highway, it’s all here. And with the simple yet effective guitar riffs, galloping beats and Jorn’s oil greased vocal chords this Harley Davidson atmosphere is certainly achieved. The sound on Junk Yard Fest isn’t anything new or groundbreaking, but it’s a sound with power and potential that’s easily enjoyable for most rock and metalheads out there.


Download this presskit in pdf

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