If you want to book Fat Bastard for a concert, we’ve got a few helpful things for you.

  • EPK (electronic press kit): webpage / pdf
  • Technical rider: webpage / pdf
  • Personal rider: webpage / pdf
  • Standard booking agreement: download our standard document in pdf (Dutch version, English at request)

If you need a hi resolution logo of Fat Bastard, you can download it below in png format. These logos have a transparent background and you should be able to use it on any kind of background color; just right-click on one of the logos below and ‘save as’. And don’t be fooled by the size of these logos: they’ve been automatically made smaller to fit the page…
We can send you a vectorized logo in EPS format, please send request!

Banner_FB(1511x1469px)Full_Logo_FB(3835x3278px)Banner_and_Skull FB(3765x3364px)