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Reviews “Feel the Pain” (2013)

On by Clemens Schaap (review link)

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire Fat Bastard. Six songs, and a few new songs recorded by a couple Belgians who do not take themselves too seriously, witness the motto and the band name.
Feel The Pain is raw rock’n’roll that sounds intense and heavy, mainly through the contribution of the guitar sound. The combination of Gibson and Marshall does it’s work. Productionally it sticks well together, it is never soggy and does for pleasant listening. Bastard and Kickoff are songs that stand out from the rest of the work, and will do the trick on a festival grounds. The old and re-recorded songs may sound quite well in 2013 but the compositions are less strong than the newer work. So there is clear progress in writing the songs.
The vocals consist for the most part a hoarse, deep bass and frankly I like that a lot less than when Jorn uses his own voice. It sounds less forced, is just as powerful and they give the band a unique identity. Before mentionned songs and the clean vocals ensure that I will play this EP often.

On OutOfStep: score 7/10

Fat Bastard is an Antwerp (B) based heavy rock band who, earlier this year, released their first record called ‘Feel The Pain. The records consist of 6 new songs and a few re-recorded ones.
Fat Bastard has a heavy and rough sound enhanced by mostly raw and hoarse vocals. Their sound sometimes reminds me of Motorhead blended with Disturbed. Even Life Of Agony sometimes comes to mind when vocalist Jorn uses more cleaner vocals. Those cleaner vocals suit their sound well.
‘Feel The Pain’ is raw rock’n’roll with a twist of metal and quite groovy at times.

On by Stany

“We are Fat Bastard and we play Rawk ‘n Roll”. I cannot think of a better introduction for this band from Antwerp.
No worries though, this is not a Motörhead clone, although the influence of Lemmy and co. certainly is detectable. Feel the Pain is the first album by Fat Bastard, it combines a few new songs with some rerecorded ones.
First ‘ear catcher’ are the vocals of Jorn. Not the Jorn, but the hoarse fog horn of the Antwerp version fits perfectly with the raw, uncompromising songs. In the newer tracks he gives us a few cleaner vocals and I like these aswell (great voice for grunge actually).
The link with Motörhead was already mentioned, so you know what to expect; no-nonsense Rock ‘n Roll that makes it difficult to just sit-and-listen. These guys are having fun, don’t take themselves too seriously but play the stuff with lots of enthousiasm. The great production of the record makes sure you won’t be hitting the stop button.
Give Fat Bastard a stage and they will make sure there’s a party. In other words: “It’s only Rawk ‘n Roll but I like it!”.

On by Lode Vanneste

Graspop 2013 is behind us. Lots of famous en less famous names from metal world did their acte de présence in one of the tents or at the main stage. For the next edition of Graspop we give the organisation one tip perfect for the Metal Dome: Fat Bastard.
These 5 guys from Antwerp started in 2007 and now give us ‘Feel the Pain’, their first CD. Although we didn’t have high expectations (we heard too many first records from starting bands that hardly susprised us), but soon enough we trew our scepsis overboard.
Fat Bastard delivers with ‘Feel the Pain’ a showpiece to be proud of. The music from the Antwerp boys has clearly been influenced by nice bands from last century. Names that come to mind are Motörhead, Metallica, Bodycount, Prong, Iron Maiden, Channel Zero and Pro Pain…
Despite the inspiration from those bands, they have a fresh own sound that they call Rawk n’ Roll. To us it sounds like a remarkable mix of metal, hardrock, rock n’ roll and a touch of hardcore. Songs like Instant Shame, Bastard, Burn and Kickoff Party are made of solid, repetitive guitarriffs, an energetic rythm section and fitting vocals. Frontman Jorn is not a world class vocalist, but his somewhat peculiar sound matches perfectly with the musicians’ sounds.
Fat Bastard deliveres the ideal music to which every true metalhead will have a blast!

On by Samoht : score 6/10

From time to time a local band earns a little boost.
In this case it is the eruditely baptized Fat Bastard from Antwerp, a couple solid rockers with a penchant for the rougher hard rock from the eighties, such as Motörhead. Singer Jorn sounds like he has scoured all kinda pubs for decades with Lemmy.
This disc brings together their most recent recordings from 2012 with some old recordings and even two partyremixes. Got a ‘rougher’ student party? Book these guys to get them motörs running!
(Some editing done by webmaster Jorn (not Ronny))

On RockXXL: score 8/10

Talkin’ about raw rock n’ roll! The 5 guys from Antwerp presented in April their first record ‘Feel the Pain’. 6 tracks recorded in 2012, 2 in 2008 and 2 more that are like the cover says: Wanna Party Fat Bastard Style? 10 tracks that Rawk like you ain’t never heard before! The music sounds a little like Motörhead but with their own twist that sure as hell ain’t obsolete. The songs sounds all a bit the same (I guess it’s their style) and that creates the feeling that you’re hearing the song for a second time. But that doesn’t matter when it’s good, and that’s the case! The older rockers will never regret getting this record. It ain’t a record for a gold medal, but you’ll freak out on a bunch of songs that Rawk from head to toe!

On Mario’s Metal Mania by William Nijhof: score 68/100

Right!! Fat Bastard brings you Rawk and Roll and they groove as hell. They started in 2005 and 2013 gave light to this album. 10 tracks of stomping rock and roll. Standard party riffs with grooving drums. The vocals are light grunts think of Metallica with a cold hahaha.
The songs are a party as I already mentioned but it is also filled with solos and serious riffs but nothing that I never heard before (that sound serious). The production of this album definitely not the best I ever heard but gives a good idea about what they want to bring.
This not my thing but I think that this is a band that will rock your pants of live!

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