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Reviews “Junk Yard Fest” (2018)

On Keys and Chords by Tom Koppers:

Just over 20 minutes for Junk Yard Fest by Antwerp based Fat Bastard. But all 7 songs just hit the spot! They call the music Hard Driven Rawk n’ Roll. I call it Hardrock ‘n Roll, a big ass dose of hardrock but really catchy. Comparisons with Peter Pan Speedrock and Motörhead are a given and very much correct. But a song like Hotrod Summer also makes you think of the older Volbeat repertoire. Blood, Sweat and Beer musically and textually reminds me of Nashville Pussy.
All of them are fine references! But most of all, it’s Fat Bastard, a band that perfectly knows how to make a greasy, gritty rock n’ roll song.
This is a band I’d like to see live. Maybe some festival ground in Dessel? And I would advice the guys to write a full album, that would be great!

In Rock Tribune by Wim Vander Haegen:

Nearly 6 years after Fat Bastard released a ripping debut with Feel the Pain, we can finally enjoy a handfull of new songs. The Antwerp based band describes it’s music as ‘hard driven rawk ‘n roll power’ and there’s not a lie to be found in that statement. Completely in the style of Motörhead and Peter Pan Speedrock, the 7 songs burst out of your speakers and that is exactly what we expect from a (hard)rock ‘n roll band.
More even than with the above quoted influences, we hear a band that perfectly knows how sharp a song has to be played and brought vocally.
It’s not all original, buy no one cares after listening to Junk Yard Fest. The songs are packed with energy and shredding riffs, from time to time a primal punk scream is detected and they have a very strong ‘howl along’ quality, like in Blood, Sweat and Beer.
The songs are melodious enough to keep ‘m interesting, as you can hear in – for example Hotrod Summer, that – together with Dead Man Walkin’ – are the 2 stonger songs of the EP.
The only one thing regrettable about this release, is that it’s not a full album.

On Belgian Metal Shredder by Stijn Daneels: 7,5 Harleys out of 10! Vroem, Vroem, baby 😉


I first got into contact with Fat Bastard in late 2017 when they participated for the Wacken Metal Battle Belgium 2018. They eventually made it to the semi-finals and gave a rock-solid performance as well as giving me their 2013 debut EP Feel The Pain. Now they’re back with new and improved material, sent to me by Svnday Promotions. Thanks a lot, fellas!


Junk Yard Fest is the second EP from the Belgian hard rock act Fat Bastard and is an independent release. It consists of seven tracks for a good 22-minute playtime with the band taking musical inspiration from the likes of Motörhead, AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses. A radio-friendly, guitar-heavy and upbeat sound. Some songs like Dead Mean Charlene, have catchy lyrics while others like Blood, Sweat And Beer are more frantic and very suitable for headbanging. One exception is the slow, dark heavy metal tune Dead Man Walkin. Not the most effective use of Fat Bastard’s traits, but a well-written song nonetheless, especially compared to my pick for the weakest track on Junk Yard Fest.   There are two elements of Fat Bastard’s sound that I particularly love. For one, the beats from drummer Kurt provide a great rhythmic foundation for the other guys to play along to, his drum lines are well mixed and sound very powerful. And what’s the other aspect? Jorn’s vocals! He’s got a clean yet very greasy style of singing, like a redneck who’s had a few beers and a juicy steak fresh from the barbeque right before recording his lines. Sure, his vocals lack some range and you may think he’s burping all the time, but I like his style as it perfectly complements the EP’s atmosphere. And speaking of…


Everything on the Junk Yard Fest EP, from the visuals to the lyrics breathes American biker culture. The beer chugging, cigarette smoking bikini chick and hot rod on the sepia colored cover, the lyrics about bourbon drinking, hot girls and riding out on the highway, it’s all here. And with the simple yet effective guitar riffs, galloping beats and Jorn’s oil greased vocal chords this Harley Davidson atmosphere is certainly achieved.


My top pick goes to the awesome combo of Hotrod Summer and Road Runner. Hotrod Summer is a pulse pounding, Motörhead-esque track made for some vicious headbanging and by means of a short drum transition, it perfectly moves into the power chords of the Road Runner track, making both songs feel like one seamless track. It’s a beautiful showcase of Fat Bastard’s musical strengths.   The weakest track goes to the second song, That Girl Was Hot. While it had a strong start the band eventually loses a good chunk of steam as the track progresses. Jorn goes for some horny mumbling in the middle part of the track and a bit of awkward laughing at the end. Pretty lackluster stuff compared to the other songs on this release. But the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, so here goes…


7,5 Harleys out of 10. Fat Bastard’s second EP is a short but enjoyable ride driven by five guys with a genuine passion for all things fast, heavy and alcoholic. The sound on Junk Yard Fest isn’t anything new or groundbreaking, but it’s a sound with power and potential that’s easily enjoyable for most rock and metalheads out there. So take out your beer or bourbon and enjoy the lyric video of the EP’s final track, Blood, Sweat And Beer! Rawk N’ Roll, baby!

On by Marieke Van Poelgeest: 100/100

As far as I’m concerned, 2018 is the year of Speed- and Stonerrockbands. Not only did all established names release a new album this year – such as Monster Magnet ‘Mindfucker’ and Zekes ‘Hellbender’ – which are all fantastic. New albums were also released by a whole bunch of new and lesser known bands, lots of people are siked about those too. And luckily, the new album from Fat Bastard can be added to the list at the last moment.
The Belgian Rawk n’ Roll band – as they describe themselves – released their second album Junk Yard Fest mid-november as a DIY production, after their 2013 debut Feel the Pain.
The album opens perfectly with Dead Mean Charlene and throw the ‘bang’ in my ‘head’. What a great guitar solo and fat nice pace, this track. Just great!
The Fat Bastard Rawk n’ Roll Speedtrain bursts forward with awesome tracks as That Girl was HotDead Man Walkin’ and Where Me is Us.
The title in ‘That Girl was Hot’ is spot on to howl along and ‘Dead Man Walkin” opens with a guitar riff and nice increasing drum action. ‘Where Me is Us’ is one of my personal favourites with a great constant guitar riff, vocals and drums; a track that energetically pounds away!
Another favourite is Hotrod Summer, with a fantastic Motörhead-like vibe, this track is awesome from start to end with it’s solid and melodious guitar riff. Closing songs Roadrunner and Blood, Sweat and Beer blast on at the same pace, grinding music to two great sing along songs!
The only thing that is a petty, is that after 7 tracks and a good 23 minutes of music, the Fat Bastard Party is over. And when it’s over, all you want to do is scream ‘I want more’! Just 7 tracks. But during them 7 tracks every Speedrock enthousiast gets fireworks from start to finish. This band grabs you by the beerbelly with excellent music that urge you to scream along! As it’s about Quality and not quantity, I’m giving this album the maximum of 100 points.

On Kraykulla (review link): 9/10

Wow! That is only thing I can say after listening to the new Fat Bastard record! Read the review in our zine!
Hailing from Belgium, Antwerp area these guys have been in the scene for a while and this is their new e.p.
The music of Fat Bastard is not rocket science, it is nothing new, but they do it with style and passion that makes your heart dance in the chest. The energy this band provides on this record is incredible. Fat Bastard play Motörhead like punk ‘n roll with dirty, but still melodic greasy riffs, guitar hooks, great vocals and awesome song structures. Yet, the guys managed to retain that original, primal rock lust for life and energy that makes this record so good. The record contains 7 songs and in my opinion, for me the best on this record are Dead Man Charlene, Blood Sweat and Beer and Dead Man Walkin’. Check this one out, you won´t regret it!

On DME – Let it Rock (review link) by Dmitry M. Epstein: 

Belgian band’s second offering brings about an array of raw delights for body and soul.
If you think it’s difficult to be furious about affairs of the heart because they make one soft, there’s a proof it’s not too hard – and it’s too so hard to get hard, either, for FB – yes, this foursome seem to know the power of acronym – are so Orgasmatron-bound you’ll have no other option than to join their ride. After all, the ensemble are fueled, as the finale of “Junk Yard Fest” posits, by blood, sweat and beer, and even the late Lemmy would relate to that, as well as to the album putting a lot of wild vigor in the seven songs which won’t cross a 30-minute mark yet will leave a lasting burn on your skin.
From Jorn Mazet’s a cappella roar leading into “Dead Mean Charlene” to the end of the record, the songs emerge heavily laden with relentless riffs and grooves that prompt the listener to feel around for a juicy rib – or, in case you’re male, for your own rib: this might be the bone a heroine of “That Girl Was Hot” was made of. While Jan Sommeryns’ six stings pour lava-like rock ‘n’ roll licks all over “Hotrod Summer” and smooth punk spikes of other tracks, motorik rhythm section propels it all towards sweet release, but infectious stompers “Where Me Is Us” and “Dead Man Walkin’” pack more serious, expletives-ridden punch. No wonder, as bluesy tradition is what’s behind “Roadrunner” whose swagger has great dynamics attached to the quintet’s interplay, perfect ingredients for the dirty festivities the band promised from the start.
Hopefully, given the album briefness, the lads won’t take another half-decade of grind to deliver a follow-up to this smasheroo.

On by Luc Gheyselen

We knew of the existence of this Belgian quintet, but were still very impressed by their set at “Devils Rock For An Angel”, where these guys – very passionate and energetic – steamrolled their mix of hard rock and hard rock ‘n’ roll over us. And when the gentlemen told us that they were releasing a new EP, we had to have this disk to subject it to a solid hearing session.
We were convinced after hearing the CD once. This seven track disk almost perfectly shows what you can expect from the quintet on stage: driven and energetic hard rock ‘n’ roll with a strong nod towards Motörhead, without wanting or trying to copy the legends.
This is a disc with inspiring and energetic music that guarantees a party. A stong, solid base of tight drums and bass guitar, powerful riffs, pointed guitar solo’s and roaring vocals; that is all you need.
It is a shame though, that is’t over after about 23 minutes, but nothing prevents you from using the “repeat button”.  And… I’m sure that you will!
Fat Bastard convinced us, without having reinvented hot water.

On Vinyl & Coffee by Tom (review link)

People who know me, know that I’m a Motörhead fan and, since Lemmy left planet earth to tell god above that he doesn’t exist, there are bands like Fat Bastard to keep fat-sounding rock & roll alive.
The new album has a strong opener. Dead Mean Charlene hits the spot straight away. Even though you don’t expect – after the vocal intro – that the song will end with strong vocals, the (metal?) vocal chords keep up. A raw, almost gritty voice is roaring through a wall of sound. The song has solid riffs, a straight solo and a powerful drum. What more do you need?
Dead Man Walkin’ starts promising, a drum intro that does the business end and does not try to steal the show, with a guitar plays a heavy riff. A song that feels pretty laid back despite the aggressive sounding whole. Presumably because the pace here is reasonably low.
Where Me Is Us is undoubtedly my second favorite song. The guitar is of a different level with nice alternations. And the voice, of course, continues to carry a huge Lemmy Kilmister vibe.
Then we arrive to my absolute favorite, which has also appeared on a Music Monday. Blood, Sweat and Beer has, besides a great riff, also a portion of ‘swing’ if I can call it that. Great song that I could listen to again and again.
Fat Bastard is a Belgian band that still knows what it’s like to make hard, loud and sexy rock & roll. A beast of a voice, a guitar that makes your hair stand upright and a drummer who does not intend to last long with his drum heads. That’s how the new album sounds, seven songs long and a slice of pure listening pleasure. The album will be available on CD and (limited to 28 pieces) on cassette.

On RockXXL by Seppe (review link)

The cover art tells you, Junk Yard Fest is a big fat stripe of Rock ‘n Roll. Think of bands like Motörhead and Peter Pan Speedrock. Is it a good choice?
Single Blood, Sweat and Beer seems to come out of a Motörhead album, Hotrod Summer gives you a healthy portion of rock ‘n roll to dance on and Where Me is Us is hardrock to the bone!
Fans of raw, unpolished hardrock have another record to go wild to!

On Luminous Dash by Theo De Rycke (review link)

With a name like Fat Bastard you have to pop and bring gritty rock ‘n’ roll. This is what you can expect from Junk Yard Fest. The sound of the songs can be situated between Peter Pan Speedrock and Motörhead, especially the tight riffs and raw abrasive vocals remind us a lot of the latter.
The album starts with a very strong opener Dead Mean Charlene. Other great songs on this album are Where Me Is Us which has a somewhat playful rhythm, and the bluesy Hotrod Summer.
The CD ends as strong as it started with Blood, Sweat and Beer. This sounds like a mix of the Motörhead songs Overkill, Nothing Up My Sleeve and Ace Of Spades, yet it stands independantly.
Fat Bastard‘s  Junk Yard Fest gives honest straightforward rock without too many frills. Pure from the heart.

On Musiczine by Wim Guillemyn (review link): 7/10

Is there still life after Lemmy? Sure; although Lemmy was the absolute god in his field of musical expertise, there are some bands that seem to be cut from the same chunck of wood. Antwerp originated band Fat Bastard has been part of that select group since about 11 years. With a band name like that you ought to be. That’s why the name but also the music sounds dirty and greasy. Musically they are a bit of a mélange between Peter Pan Speedrock and Motörhead. 7 songs long, they know how to keep the adrenaline high and to rock like beasts.
If they go as hard live as they do on the album, I’m sure they would spark and burst into flames!
I’m sure we could write a whole story around this one, but this time I will keep it short and to the point, as is in the spirit of the band: it works well, it sounds credible and I want to see this band on stage. Hopfully you want that too…

On Musiczine by Erik Vandamme (review link): 9/10

When we saw Fat Bastard at Frietrock this summer, we wrote:The impressive frontman grabs you by the troat from the first note, and literally heads out to meet the crowd. Fat Bastard combines pure building of an impassable wall of sound with humor and witticism. According to their facebook page, they bring ‘Hard driven Rawk’ n Roll Power ‘. This is indeed the leitmotiv in this performance. They shoot you up with adrenaline, it’s plainly impossible to stand still at this pure uncut Rawk n’ Roll from the heart, a combination of years of experience and so much spontaneity and fun.” And also: “Rock ‘n Roll can’t be more pure than this!”.
Fat Bastard now releases a great record with Junk Yard Fest, with which they strengten my opinion about them. In fact, we have nothing more to add to this high opinion, but we’ll do it anyway!
Starting with Dead Mean Charlene, the flood gates are open. We don’t like comparsons, however: their approach reminds us of one band: Motörhead. Tight, energetic, full of firepower that breaks down the sound wall. Once started on this wild journey, there is no going back. Fat Bastard goes to town like an unhinged bulldozer on That Girl was HotDead Man Walkin’ and Where Me is Us, leaving not a shred intack of your brainpan. We’re not talkin’ about instrumental decoration; the musicians are raving through the room like a bunch of elephants through a porcelain shop. The roaring vocals make the earth foundations shake under our feet with the amp cranked up to 10; fortunately my neighbors love rock ‘n roll.
We continue on ground roads with Hotrod SummerRoad Runner and the addictive Blood, Sweat and Beer, which has a refrain prone to humming along… or rather roar along! ‘Cause in spite of the pounding of the sledge hammers, the festive mood of this record remains intact, let this be clear!
Conclusion: just as Motörhead was a band that simply brought rib sticking rock music, Fat Bastard releases a pure rock ‘n roll album that exactly the same. And we repeat again: Rock ‘n Roll cant be more pure than this!

If the original reviews are in Dutch, we take the liberty to translate to English. We always try to stay as true as possible to the dutch text.

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