Feel the Pain (2012)


  1. Instant Shame (2012)
  2. Bastard (2012)
  3. Don't want you Here (2012)
  4. Kickoff (2012)
  5. Burn (2012)
  6. Get Ya (2012)
  7. Better of Dead (2008)
  8. Smile (2008)
  9. Bonus - Kickoff Party (2012)
  10. Bonus - DWYH Party (2012)

Buy the hardcopy CD:
Belgium: 13€ (CD + shipping); only for Belgium; the Fat Bastard Post Stamp!!
Other European countries : 14,5€ (CD + shipping)
Outside the Euro zone: 15,5€ (CD + shipping)

Jorn (vocals) – Sven (lead guitar) – Wannes (rythm guitar) – Geller (bass) – Kurt (drums)

This CD was produced, mixed and mastered by our personal Yoda: Martin Furia, aided by Wim Labens – Tin Pan Alley Studios Antwerp

Cover pic by Jan Dirkx

Album Reviews

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire Fat Bastard. Six songs, and a few new songs recorded by a couple Belgians who do not take themselves too seriously, witness the motto and the band name.

Feel The Pain is raw rock’n’roll that sounds intense and heavy, mainly through the contribution of the guitar sound. The combination of Gibson and Marshall does it’s work. Productionally it sticks well together, it is never soggy and does for pleasant listening. Bastard and Kickoff are songs that stand out from the rest of the work, and will do the trick on a festival grounds. The old and re-recorded songs may sound quite well in 2013 but the compositions are less strong than the newer work. So there is clear progress in writing the songs.

The vocals consist for the most part a hoarse, deep bass and frankly I like that a lot less than when Jorn uses his own voice. It sounds less forced, is just as powerful and they give the band a unique identity. Before mentionned songs and the clean vocals ensure that I will play this EP often.
On by Clemens Schaap

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