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Kurt (drums) – Lars (rythm guitar) – Jan (lead guitar) – Geller (bass) – Jorn (vocals)


In 2007 Fat Bastard emerges from the ashes of I4NI. Jorn (lead vocals) and Kurt (drums) and 3 crazy mates started creating our very own old school Rawk n’ Roll music. In 2008 we recorded 5 songs, but due to some ‘creative differences’ we never got to get this album out. Some changes were made, some skulls got crushed… We all learned from old mistakes, and got back into gear! Realizing that “it’s only Rawk ‘n Roll” we had lots more fun!

In 2011 we made our first ‘coup de force‘. We played a massive gig at Distortion Fest in Herentals (review), which triggered a chain of good things… Through booking agency Metal Sound Belgium we got to play Dessel Swingt GMM Stage (2012), our very first appearance on FrietRock Retie (2012 and not a year absent since then!), the legendary ‘The Cave’ in Amsterdam (NL-2013) and Metal Sound Fest in Waalwijck (NL-2013).

In april 2013 our EP “Feel the Pain” came out, produced by Martin Furia, nowadays part of superband BARK! 5 songs from 2012 and a few ‘recycled’ ones from our 2008 recording… We had good feedback and reviews (2nd batch still selling) and we got to play a good few youth centers and smal venue gigs.

Another fun thing to do was winning the Dixie Time RockRally ‘Strijd om Lier 2015’, against such other bands as Distroy Humanity, ToBuryADream, Silver Bullit Machine, Zuperking, …

The new EP works are in progress, we plan to record end of 2016.

So, you could say that we’re still on route to World Domination!

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