Jorn (Lead vocals) uses own wireless microphone set (Line 6 XD V75 with SM58 replication). Please foresee a mic stand!

Backing vocals:
2x addidional Shure SM58 vocal microphones or equal/better quality with stand (backing vocals by lead guitar and bass)


Bass / Lead guitar / Rythm guitar:

3 x 220V plugs each!

The bass amp is D.I.-ready (Sansamp module) or Neumann U47 microphone or equal/better quality at amp cab.
For the guitar amps we prefer Sennheiser evolution e906 Dynamic Guitar amp Microphones or equal/better quality for the amp cabs.



The drumkit consists out of 1 snare, 2 kicks, 1 tom, 2 floortoms, 1 hihat, 1 ride, 4 crashes and 2 china’s.
Good to know; left handed drummer on a right handed kit; so the Ride will definitely be on the right!!

Drum riser
If you should foresee a drum riser, a minimum of 2x2m is necessary.
If height is over 60cm, please also foresee a step.


Monitor Mix:

Jorn – Lead vocals: own vocals (100%); Drums, Lead Guitar & backing vocals (75%); Bass & Rhythm guitar (50%). Jorn uses a Shure PSM 900 wireless in ear monitoring system. 2x XLR to feed the transmitter is needed.
Kurt – Drums: everything in monitoring, incl. own drums. Balancing ad hoc!
Jan – Lead guitar: own guitar, vocals, bass, drums
Lars – Rhythm Guitar: own guitar, and all the rest
Geller – Bass: 1. own bass guitar – 2. Drums – 3. All other



We have a flag 4m wide – 3m high, and we’d like the opportunity to hang it behind the drummer. Thanks to foresee possibilities!


Stageplan (not set in stone, but usually) :




Download this in pdf