Old School Rawk n’ Roll

The Band


Lars (rythm guitar) – Kurt (drums) – Jorn (vocals) – Geller (bass) – Jan (lead guitar)

Let’s say that Carl Perkins hooked up with Peter Pan Speedrock, and after a few months their beautiful baby girl, Sue, is born. And a pretty, headstrong baby it is. We just don’t know which Peter Pan is the daddy, but as drummers always have the strongest seed…

Fast Forward a good 17 years, and our cute Sue goes to Graspop Metal Meeting. As she wanders into the backstage area, Lemmy from Motörhead falls from stage with a Boner to Raise Hell…

Hypothetically speaking: what would THIS love child sound like?

Well… * toothpaste smile* – That’s Fat Bastard baby!


fatbastard.be * facebook.com/FatBastardRawk * iTunes * Spotify * YouTube * etc…

Booking & Info

Contact us here, of by phone on +32 472 64 85 31 (Jorn) / +32 475 965 125 (Kurt)

Live Reviews through the years (outtakes):

Review on Musika.be by Andy Maelstaf – Devils Rock for an Angel 2018 – Zillebeke (BE): Second band of the day immediatly proved to be a bombshell: Fat Bastard gave us a big helping of old school rock ‘n roll in line with Motörhead. The combo of the band name and the somewhat heavy frontman threw some sand in the eyes, ’cause we saw an energetic and agile band on stage that won the hearts of the crowd in no time. With the sentence “We are Fat Bastard and we play rock” we knew what to expect, as the iconic Lemmy used this too. The formation came, saw and was victorious for the crowd!

Review on MusicZine.net by Erik Van Damme – Frietrock 2018 – Oud-Turnhout (BE): The imposing frontman grabs you by the troat from the first note, and literally heads out to meet the crowd. Fat Bastard combines pure building of an impassable wall of sound with humor and witticism. According to their facebook page, they bring ‘Hard driven Rawk’ n Roll Power ‘. This is indeed the leitmotiv in this performance. They shoot you up with adrenaline, it’s plainly impossible to stand still at this pure uncut Rawk n’ Roll from the heart, a combination of years of experience and so much spontaneity and fun. That’s what the band, led by a very charismatic frontman, lay at our feet when darkness falls over the festival grounds.

Review on Shutterwall.net – Frietrock  2015 – Retie (BE): The headliner of a festival, should always be the biggest name on the line-up. Or at least, the one that is most loved by the crowd. With Fat Bastards, Frietrock have found both in one band. And with reason. If you find it in yourself to perform in a friend’s wedding gown, just because it serves a benefit, you score in my book.

Review EvA – Rawk Night 2012 – Hasselt (BE): Fat Bastard start off with ‘Better off Dead’. With their Motörhead sound it’s hard to believe that this band didn’t just fly in from the States, fact is that the guys are from Antwerp. Yes, Belgium’s got some decent musicians. The stage is too small for them, so they continue in the crowd. They get the effect they aim for, hairs flying around. The band mastered playing on and besides the stage, and they know it. The singer vanishes and a long rocking instrumental part starts. When he reappears in a cloak, crown and askulled staff, they kickoff Orgasmatron and crown themselves Masters of Rawk.

Review on Mindview.be – Distortion Fest 2011  – Herentals (BE): In the small concert venue Fat Bastard from Antwerp got on stage. With their old school rock-‘n-roll they play a massive gig. Influences from metal moguls, like AD/DC, Metallica and Iron Maiden, sound in a renewing way in their music. They light up the room with energetic sparks and we wonder why not so many people know this band. The level of this concert is very high and is worth a spot on the main stage of the festival. According to some they played the best gig of the fest. An opinion that is easy to defend.

EP Junk Yard Fest

Official release 16/11/2018
Outtakes from reviews on Junk Yard Fest:

On Kraykulla: The energy this band provides on this record is incredible. Fat Bastard play Motörhead like punk ‘n roll with dirty, but still melodic greasy riffs, guitar hooks, great vocals and awesome song structures. Yet, the guys managed to retain that original, primal rock lust for life and energy that makes this record so good. Check this one out, you won´t regret it!

On Musika.be: We were convinced after hearing the CD once. This seven track disk almost perfectly shows what you can expect from the quintet on stage: driven and energetic hard rock ‘n’ roll with a strong nod towards Motörhead, without wanting or trying to copy the legends.
This is a disc with inspiring and energetic music that guarantees a party. A stong, solid base of tight drums and bass guitar, powerful riffs, pointed guitar solo’s and roaring vocals; that is all you need.

On RockXXL: The cover art tells you, ‘Junk Yard Fest’ is a big fat stripe of Rock ‘n Roll. Think of bands like Motörhead and Peter Pan Speedrock. Is it a good choice? Single ‘Blood, Sweat and Beer’ seems to come out of a Motörhead album, ‘Hotrod Summer’ gives you a healthy portion of rock ‘n roll to dance on and ‘Where Me is Us’ is hardrock to the bone! Fans of raw, unpolished hardrock have another record to go wild to!

On Vinyl & Coffee: The new album has a strong opener. Dead Mean Charlene hits the spot straight away. Even though you don’t expect – after the vocal intro – that the song will end with strong vocals, the (metal?) vocal chords keep up. A raw, almost gritty voice is roaring through a wall of sound. The song has solid riffs, a straight solo and a powerful drum. What more do you need? Fat Bastard is a Belgian band that still knows what it’s like to make hard, loud and sexy rock & roll. A beast of a voice, a guitar that makes your hair stand upright and a drummer who does not intend to last long with his drum heads. That’s how the new album sounds, seven songs long and a slice of pure listening pleasure.

On Belgian Metal Shredder: Junk Yard Fest is the second EP from the Belgian hard rock act Fat Bastard and is an independent release. It consists of seven tracks for a good 22-minute playtime with the band taking musical inspiration from the likes of Motörhead, AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses. A radio-friendly, guitar-heavy and upbeat sound. Some songs like Dead Mean Charlene, have catchy lyrics while others like Blood, Sweat And Beer are more frantic and very suitable for headbanging. Everything on the Junk Yard Fest EP, from the visuals to the lyrics breathes American biker culture. The beer chugging, cigarette smoking bikini chick and hot rod on the sepia colored cover, the lyrics about bourbon drinking, hot girls and riding out on the highway, it’s all here. And with the simple yet effective guitar riffs, galloping beats and Jorn’s oil greased vocal chords this Harley Davidson atmosphere is certainly achieved. The sound on Junk Yard Fest isn’t anything new or groundbreaking, but it’s a sound with power and potential that’s easily enjoyable for most rock and metalheads out there.

Front Cover copy

EP Feel the Pain

Out since 15/04/2013 our very first CD ‘Feel the Pain’. Listen to the songs here!
Outtakes from reviews on Feel the Pain:

On Zwaremetalen.com: Feel The Pain is raw rock’n’roll that sounds intense and heavy, the combination of Gibson and Marshall does it’s work. Bastard and Kickoff are songs that stand out from the rest of the work, and will do the trick on the festival grounds.

On Out of Step: Fat Bastard has a heavy and rough sound enhanced by mostly raw and hoarse vocals. Their sound sometimes reminds me of Motorhead blended with Disturbed. ‘Feel The Pain’ is raw rock’n’roll with a twist of metal and quite groovy at times.

On Ashladan.be: No worries, this is not a Motörhead clone, although the influence of Lemmy and co. certainly is detectable; no-nonsense Rock ‘n Roll that makes it difficult to just sit-and-listen. These guys are having fun, don’t take themselves too seriously but play the stuff with lots of enthusiasm. Give Fat Bastard a stage and they will make sure there’s a party.

On Musiczine.net: For the next edition of Graspop we give the organization one tip perfect for the Metal Dome: Fat Bastard… They have a fresh own sound that they call Rawk n’ Roll. To us it sounds like a remarkable mix of metal, hardrock, rock n’ roll and a touch of hardcore. Songs like Instant Shame, Bastard, Burn and Kickoff Party are made of solid, repetitive guitar riffs, an energetic rhythm section and fitting vocals.


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