On Musika.be by Luc Gheyselen (review link)

We knew of the existence of this Belgian quintet, but were still very impressed by their set at “Devils Rock For An Angel”, where these guys – very passionate and energetic – steamrolled their mix of hard rock and hard rock ‘n’ roll over us. And when the gentlemen told us that they were releasing a new EP, we had to have this disk to subject it to a solid hearing session.

We were convinced after hearing the CD once. This seven track disk almost perfectly shows what you can expect from the quintet on stage: driven and energetic hard rock ‘n’ roll with a strong nod towards Motörhead, without wanting or trying to copy the legends.
This is a disc with inspiring and energetic music that guarantees a party. A stong, solid base of tight drums and bass guitar, powerful riffs, pointed guitar solo’s and roaring vocals; that is all you need.

It is a shame though, that is’t over after about 23 minutes, but nothing prevents you from using the “repeat button”.  And… I’m sure that you will!
Fat Bastard convinced us, without having reinvented hot water.

On Vinyl & Coffee by Tom (review link)

People who know me, know that I’m a Motörhead fan and, since Lemmy left planet earth to tell god above that he doesn’t exist, there are bands like Fat Bastard to keep fat-sounding rock & roll alive.

The new album has a strong opener. Dead Mean Charlene hits the spot straight away. Even though you don’t expect – after the vocal intro – that the song will end with strong vocals, the (metal?) vocal chords keep up. A raw, almost gritty voice is roaring through a wall of sound. The song has solid riffs, a straight solo and a powerful drum. What more do you need?

Dead Man Walkin’ starts promising, a drum intro that does the business end and does not try to steal the show, with a guitar plays a heavy riff. A song that feels pretty laid back despite the aggressive sounding whole. Presumably because the pace here is reasonably low.

Where Me Is Us is undoubtedly my second favorite song. The guitar is of a different level with nice alternations. And the voice, of course, continues to carry a huge Lemmy Kilmister vibe.

Then we arrive to my absolute favorite, which has also appeared on a Music Monday. Blood, Sweat and Beer has, besides a great riff, also a portion of ‘swing’ if I can call it that. Great song that I could listen to again and again.

Fat Bastard is a Belgian band that still knows what it’s like to make hard, loud and sexy rock & roll. A beast of a voice, a guitar that makes your hair stand upright and a drummer who does not intend to last long with his drum heads. That’s how the new album sounds, seven songs long and a slice of pure listening pleasure. The album will be available on CD and (limited to 28 pieces) on cassette.

On RockXXL by Seppe (website will be up soon)

The cover art tells you, Junk Yard Fest is a big fat stripe of Rock ‘n Roll. Think of bands like Motörhead and Peter Pan Speedrock. Is it a good choice?

Single Blood, Sweat and Beer seems to come out of a Motörhead album, Hotrod Summer gives you a healthy portion of rock ‘n roll to dance on and Where Me is Us is hardrock to the bone!

Fans of raw, unpolished hardrock have another record to go wild to!

On Luminous Dash by Theo De Rycke (review link)

With a name like Fat Bastard you have to pop and bring gritty rock ‘n’ roll. This is what you can expect from Junk Yard Fest. The sound of the songs can be situated between Peter Pan Speedrock and Motörhead, especially the tight riffs and raw abrasive vocals remind us a lot of the latter.

The album starts with a very strong opener Dead Mean Charlene. Other great songs on this album are Where Me Is Us which has a somewhat playful rhythm, and the bluesy Hotrod Summer.

The CD ends as strong as it started with Blood, Sweat and Beer. This sounds like a mix of the Motörhead songs Overkill, Nothing Up My Sleeve and Ace Of Spades, yet it stands independantly.

Fat Bastard‘s  Junk Yard Fest gives honest straightforward rock without too many frills. Pure from the heart.

If the original reviews are in Dutch, we take the liberty to translate to English. We always try to stay as true as possible to the dutch text.

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