Junk Yard Fest


  1. Dead Mean Charlene
  2. That Girl was Hot
  3. Dead Man Walkin'
  4. Where Me is Us
  5. Hotrod Summer
  6. Roadrunner
  7. Blood, Sweat and Beer

Album Reviews

On by Luc Gheyselen (translated by Fat Bastard site admin)

We knew of the existence of this Belgian quintet, but were still very impressed by their set at “Devils Rock For An Angel”, where these guys – very passionate and energetic – steamrolled their mix of hard rock and hard rock ‘n’ roll over us. And when the gentlemen told us that they were releasing a new EP, we had to have this disk to subject it to a solid hearing session.

We were convinced after hearing the CD once. This seven track disk almost perfectly shows what you can expect from the quintet on stage: driven and energetic hard rock ‘n’ roll with a strong nod towards Motörhead, without wanting or trying to copy the legends.
This is a disc with inspiring and energetic music that guarantees a party. A stong, solid base of tight drums and bass guitar, powerful riffs, pointed guitar solo’s and roaring vocals; that is all you need.

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It is a shame though, that is’t over after about 23 minutes, but nothing prevents you from using the “repeat button”. And… I’m sure that you will!
Fat Bastard convinced us, without having reinvented hot water.

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