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The Fat Bastard Facebook Feed. Mostly in Dutch (as we are a Belgian-Flemisch band), but if you post in English, we'll answer you in the Shakspearean lingo!

Here at the Ministry of Bastard Affairs, we like us a little participation from our loyal subjects. So I command you to vote on the picture! And share to show you care!! :-D ...

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So, where we at with the new CD? Pretty far actually...

Preproduction 95% (just have to finalise the ghost tracks), wo next up getting things in motion for recording & artwork, choosing a title for the damn thing, the order of the tracks...


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Congrats to our guitarist Sommeryns Jan and his wife Saskia Sprangers for their I-don't-know-how-manieth wedding anniversary! We'll we expecting treats Wednesday!! ;-) ...

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